Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I really love having our boat. EXCEPT for the month of April. It requires work, and cleaning and the weather isn't always conducive to such. We spent the weekend working on it.

Saturday, just Mark and I went to work on it. It was about 60 and sunny, so it was tolerable. I finished what I had started LAST WEEKEND, when we were working on it....lemon oiling all the wood. Let me tell you, there's a lot of teak on that baby.

We finished for the day. Left with a detour through Chicago, to snag our daughter so she could attend an art show at her alma mater. Traffic was HORRIBLE. Sadly, there are two seasons in Chicago, winter and construction. We have entered construction. UGH. There is NO way to get from here to there, or vise versa without going threw it. We finally got home about 7:30. It was a LONG day.

On Sunday, we went back. This time our son joined us and the guys got a LOT done. Buffed and waxed the boat and painted the bottom.

I got a lot done too; I read my People magazine cover to cover AND drew some new digital images for Paper Popsicles! Exhausting.... but all in a days work, I say.

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  1. wow.....what a beautiful boat!!!! Ahoy there matie!!!!