Tuesday, April 27, 2010


We had a marvelous time this last weekend. Got together with some great friends. We'd all gone to Italy a few years ago, had a WONDERFUL time, and all got together last Saturday night.

It was a birthday celebration. Larry's birthday. His wife, Jan, had our friends, Mary and Gary and my husband and I over for dinner. Larry's brother, who really looked more like MY husband than Larry also joined us.

Anyway... she hired a chef. He was awesome. Did the dinner tapas style- and it was all so yummy. I especially enjoyed her desert choice. She had a cake plate full of chocolate and truffles. I could have overdosed... or maybe I did overdose. As we are all wine drinkers, we partook of the grape. Mayhap a little too much partaking. I stuck to my fave, Prosecco, but the red wine flowed. It was reminiscent of Italy, where wine flows like water.

Toasts were given, many laughs were had and the guys attempted to fly some sort of hot air balloon... at least that's what I THINK it was.

As we didn't want to drive after the evening, we stayed in a charming little B&B. In the room that they tout as having once had Abraham Lincoln as a guest.
Not in the bed we had, he wouldn't have fit. Wasn't he very tall? This charming antique bed wasn't very big, but, as Mary said, we aren't 'wide bodies' so it was okay.

I can't say that we accomplished much on Sunday, came back to town and went to a local establishment with Mary and Gary for Oyster Sunday. I don't eat Oysters, so I watched them and swilled my diet coke.

Love these wonderful friends and all the fun we've had.

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  1. Looked like a wonderful evening! OMG...boys will be boys won't they!!!!! Ya know, you're background on theblog is making more & more sense to me now!!!LOL