Saturday, May 1, 2010


I went on a 'girls weekend'....well, in my case it was a 'girls night'. I only stayed one night, because Mark was only going to be home for two days, and I wanted to see him. ANYWAY, I went with some friends, it was a celebration, two of these ladies just graduated with their masters! So we celebrated this fabulous achievement.

I'd really like to tell you about the weekend, about the food and drink, the poker, the cigarette, the music, the laughs, the porch adornment....but....what happens at the Lake House, stays at the Lake House. Right? Right.

So use your imagination.


  1. hmmmmmmm......I can only guess who this may be???!!!!! A CIGARETTE???? NO CIGARS????

    You are such a damn tease!!!!! And yes...those ladies worked their hinies off to get that Masters!!!! WTG!!!