Monday, May 24, 2010


It was a short, hot weekend. Saturday, my Capt. and I headed into the boat. It was sunny, hot and breezy at home. It was gray, foggy and strange at the boat. We were disappointed...ha!! It was only beginning.

Overcoming our disappointment, we seized the moment and sanded and re-varnished the 'brightwork' on the boat. (that would be the teak that is outside the boat, for you non sailors!!) Then we had a snack, and I had a nap, and lo and behold, the strange fog burned off and it became a fairly nice day!! So, we decided to head out...only to discover that a sail clip was broken (not a crisis) and the roller furling was jazzed. Small crisis. WHAT.IS.GOING.ON????

There was also a little dilemma, in the fact that there was no wind. We have a sailboat, remember? So we headed in, I sat on the deck while my Capt. assessed what needed to be done.

Let us not forget the definition of the word boat (see previous post)

Sunday my family opened my mom's swimming pool. I missed this fun event, as I helped host a bridal shower for a dear friend's daughter in law to be. It was lovely, if I do say so myself. And it was hot, so I had a wardrobe crisis. I'm kinda white to be real exposed. So I spent the morning trying on things and discarding them on the bed...where they were waiting for me when I arrived home. Ugh.

Here are the hostesses with the pretty bride.and the cupcake treeI've wanted one, this gave me an excuse to buy one! I put together one of the centerpieces to go with our gardening theme She is definitely a 'pink' kind of girl, it was a challenge to find pink gardening things..I love a shopping challenge.

(pictures courtesy of Jillian)

Got home from the shower, expecting to have time with my husband, only to be told by him, he had to leave asap as he needed to head somewhere other than his usual destination. So he readied himself, I changed and we flew into the airport, dropped him and came home.

Today I'm meeting about 'CHEEKYRADISH' stuff...we've got some fun planned, stay with us, or join us. You want to be in the know, and around for freebies! They're coming!!


  1. Love the pics!!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  2. WHat the heck is happening with the boat lately? Is someone messing with it? Glad the shower turned out nice...great pic!
    Oh....the surprises we hae in store for Cheeky Radish Designs!