Wednesday, May 19, 2010


We kept our little nephew Willie on Monday morning. He REALLY likes 'Uncle Mark'. He actually arrived before I got up; and was well into 'man stuff' when I ventured down. First, he needed eggs. I don't eat eggs in any form and, yes, it's true, I've NEVER cooked one. Well, I have hard boiled them for egg dying, but to eat- NEVER.

ANYWAY.... he acknowledged me, but it was clear, he was hanging with his uncle. After they had scrambled eggs, and popsicles... there was work to be done. I had purchased two new toilet seats and they headed off to install them...

Then of course, he had to have a few MORE popsicles, and then play with 'MY' power rangers, as he calls them, and a couple of yard sticks, that were doubling as swords.
And uncle Mark needed to play too and the conversation was hysterical..who was the kid here? Of course, HE HAD to drive him to the convertible, with the top down, in between rain storms!

They had fun.


  1. OMG they are so darn cute!!!!!! Both playing so contently!!!! Boys will be boys!

  2. Yes, he LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to go to play with Aunt Ardith and Uncle Mark. You are his other set of grandparents!!!!

  3. we are NOT that old.............