Friday, May 28, 2010

POPPPIES...and more senseless death

Yesterday was tragic in our little town. A sweet local girl, whom life has been very cruel to was killed in a car accident. She was ready to graduate from High School on Sunday. This poor girl has had nothing good come her way. First she lost her mother, then her father to premature death. Left with her brother, when they both were too young to fend for themselves, they seemed to drift from place to place. Not being taken in by the people who one would have thought would. I shouldn't sit in judgement, but, seriously, if my sister and her husband suddenly died, I have 4 more kids... making my 'children' range in age from 5 to 28... just call me Mrs. Duggar.

Anyway, she ran a stop sign on a gravel road, and just like that it's over. So tragic. So senseless, and so sad.

I heard this at school, where we were all bemoaning our fate for next year. Suddenly that became inconsequential. We were all speechless. The day ended, I left for home and stopped to get my mail. In my mail, I received an invitation to her graduation party. I lost it, right there at my mailbox. This is one of those times when life just doesn't make sense.

So today, I am finding beauty in my poppies... aren't they pretty- given to me by my Aunt Hallie who had the greenest of thumbs. I'm so delighted that I've kept them alive and have so enjoyed the flowers every year.

Question....does anyone have a good recipe for opium?

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  1. so beautifully said! Life is so darn precious!