Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I did a couple more pages of the gazillion pictures from the GEA (GREAT EUROPEAN ADVENTURE)... nothing really worthy of a without further ado- here you go....

So beyond that, I did do an invitation, well, really MANY for a wedding shower, and somehow ended up without one to show you. My bad. I'm going to the Scrappy Cat tonight, maybe I'll create something outstanding to show you all tomorrow... stay tuned.

On another note, this weekend is supposed to be the boat launch. We sail her from Waukegan to Chicago. My husband rearranged his schedule to come in on Thursday, we have a reservation in scenic Waukegan that night, so we'll be right there to sail out on Friday morning. All organized....NOT....forgot one's spring in Chicago. The weather is not in cooperation mode. It's supposed to be cool and have THUNDERSTORMS. Not good sailing weather at all. So we'll see, we may have to shoot for another day. I wanted to avoid Saturday, as my daughter is having us over for dinner for Mother's Day. Not sure how this will play out. But, hopefully of the four days we have, one will be nice.

I am also really EXCITED! One of my best friends from little girl-hood on is coming in for the weekend. Can't WAIT to see her!!

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