Friday, May 7, 2010


I picked my husband up from the airport last night, car loaded with clothes for a couple days stay, and all the 'things' needed for the big sail from Waukegan to Chicago. He got in early! That is a rarity and fairly amazing. We headed on up to Waukegan in time to get into the Marina and view our boat, just hanging out.
We headed to the hotel, checked in and went over to Gurnee Mills. For those of you non Chicago readers, this is a large outlet mall. I managed to pick up a couple pair of pants, a shirt and a sweatshirt and some socks (the reason we went). Then on to dinner and back to the hotel, so we could get an early start....right.

Got up this morning and wouldn't it figure, today was the day the weatherman was actually right on. It was crappy out. A big storm had hit and the remnants were lingering. It was cold and gray and wet. We went to the boat anyway...with sunshine in our hearts! Let me tell ya, that's the only place it was, and it soon left there too.

Our day was just a cluster.... first the weather, then a small problem with the impeller (whatever that is) then the missing jib lines. So all in all....not a stellar day; the boat's still in the harbor, in Waukegan and we are home, scratching our heads and wondering who the hell steals jib lines?

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  1. Damn Jib-line thieves!!! Check out ebay...your jiblines may be up for sale!!! OH.....what the heck is a jib-line??????