Monday, May 10, 2010


Saturday night our daughter, Jessica had us over for dinner. Actually, she had my mom, her boyfriend Blain's parents and us over for Mother's Day. It was lovely. She is quite the little domestic goddess, who really doesn't have a moutsache. Yummy food, margarita's (from the family machine) cupcakes and just plain fun. Our son arrived later, ate and hung out. Unfortunately, our middle daughter couldn't join us. Jessica and Blain's neighbors stopped by and we stayed for a little while, but had to get home fairly early as we were attempting once again for the weekend, to sail the boat to Chicago.

Which we did accomplish. HOWEVER...... it was not the most fun Mother's Day I've ever encountered. Cold would be an understatement. The sun was out- that WAS in our favor. But the temperature had to be in the 40's. I tried to be a good sport about it, but c'mon- it was beginning to have Titanic overtones to it.

First, the damn wind wasn't in our favor, so we had to tack- which is kinda like getting there zig zag - which of course takes even longer. Second, it got rough, so water was splashing over the bow, and at some times with quite a bit of force- splashing EVERYWHERE.
Lovely on a hot summer day, but this was a cold spring day.... not lovely. Third, our daughter, who lives in Chicago, came out to our house...where we weren't for mother's day. In theory we would have been home for dinner....hahaha. Not even close.
So, we did FINALLY get to Chicago, after 8 hours. YES, I SAID 8. Then we needed to find our buoy, set the harness up, batten down the hatches (I've always wanted to say that)check in and high tail it to the train so we could ride the train BACK to Waukegan to get our car. Well, the train did get us there a bit before 10 pm. So we finally got home about 11:15. It was a long, cold day.
I did get flowers, an I.O.U. for some garden plants from my son, Corbin; a really pretty pink mini rose plant from my daughter Jessica. Scarlett gave me my very own crown!! This is a ha ha in my family because, she has her prom queen crown, which, OKAY, when she got it, it came with a presentation box and a friend snapped the best picture of her dancing in it and I had them sitting out together. (no it wasn't a shrine) Everyone gave me a hard time... hey, it was a mother moment!!

All in all, it was a Mother's Day to be remembered.... kinda reminded me of a line from my girl Bab's trademark song 'cold and wet, tired you bet, but all that I soon forget with my man'. Only, no I won't forget, not for a very, very long time, maybe ever.


  1. I love reading your post..always makes me chuckle! YOu 2 were nuts sailing in that wind!

  2. Your crown is really Medievil I should have had it for my Mother's day "event" this year!!!