Monday, May 17, 2010


BOAT: A large hole in the water which one pours money.
My 'Capt.' and I set forth on Saturday, for a day at sea... (okay on the lake). We got in to the city FINALLY...OMG- the traffic, another post. Anyway I had the bright idea to pick up Panera on the way... well, that was just one of the many omens, we chose to ignore.

After waiting in line I ordered, waited for them to call my incognito name I always use, as my first name is different, and it's just easier to use another. So I waited, and waited... and finally they called me up.. to tell me that one of the sandwiches was going to take 6 minutes. Okay... so I waited and was once again summoned... another 6 minutes. C'mon? But could they offer us free pastries to make up for the wait? Okay, add to my fat, but I took them.

In the meantime, my poor husband was battling the traffic outside, that encompassed the kids from Columbia moving out. He wasn't having fun either. We finally got the food and headed over to the boat.

The weather left a LOT to be desired. But, we were in Chicago, on the water, on our own boat.... which had a slight problem or TWO...

A pin had come loose allowing the boom to whip around and snap a line.... and the bilge was FULL of water... indicating a leak? My husband, who swear to god, can figure anything out.. assessed the situation and addressed it.

What you can't see in the picture, is his glasses.. I'm laughing as I'm writing this... they kept sliding now his nose as he was contorted in a strange position, so I came up with the clever idea to take some blue painter's tape (that I don't know why was on the boat) and tape them to the sides of his face. It was hysterical- here we are on the lake at the Chicago Yacht Club and my husband is shimmying down into the engine compartment with his glasses taped to the sides of his head... we sure know how to fit in, don't we?!?
Crisis averted, it was something that is supposed to drip every now and then to keep the engine cool, and it was dripping way to often. But not anymore.

We checked on it this afternoon... all's well.


  1. OMG...never a dull moment! So you tease us with this don't tell us your incognito made-up name AND you don't take a picture of the hyserical blue taped glasses!!!! What the heck lady!!!!

  2. A PERFECT definition for a boat! Ask me how I know LOL.