Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of JULY

Yesterday, which technically was the 3rd of July, was a fabulously fun day to celebrate the United State's big day! My family and I headed to our daughter's new apartment, to see where she's going to be living, dropped off a bunch of stuff, then headed to the boat. Our oldest daughter and her boyfriend rode with us, and we were joined later by our son (who's b-day is this weekend, yes, he's a firecracker) and our middle, 'city dwelling' daughter and her boyfriend and friends of theirs for a little holiday/early birthday fun. We partied on our boat, waited for the fireworks to start. The kids had given their dad a grill for the boat, so we grilled, and hung out and had a great time. The fireworks were wonderful as was the company.

Creativity? Oh yeah, well.... it'll come... give me time already!

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  1. I bet it was beautiful on the lake! You had a perfect day weather-wise...thank goodness it wasn't today(it was raining!)! Your pics are so cool...had to be breath-taking! So special that the whole family was there!