Monday, July 27, 2009


Saturday was Venetian Night in Chicago. Since our boat hangs out there, we decided to load up supplies, and attend. My husband's brother and sister in law joined us, followed by two of our three kids and their dates, and some other random people which I'll get to.

I wanted to seize the day, so to speak, get in there and sail. It was sunny, warm and breezy here, but we had the electrician here, and if you read this regularly you know he was creating dirt here. We finally got there, and went out for a very windy SHORT sail. We had to be into the harbor by 6:00, the tenders (water taxis) stopped running at 6:30. The kids caught the train, of course, needed to stop and eat - they are kids.... so they finally arrived, and we collected them, then, the electrician, (who is a young guy, 27ish, who actually dated my daughter, 7 years ago when they were in high school) his buddy, and some random girl who was also in said daughter's class.... called my son and joined us too. Nice kids, but kinda odd situation here. The daughter who he dated, and lives in Chicago, had a previous commitment and couldn't make it- but I HAD to text her.... to which she replied in really large text WHAT????? WEIRD.

Ah yeah. My son's date was getting hit on by the 'buddy' so my daughter, casually asks him,I love her casual nerve, how his VERY pregnant girlfriend is doing? And, are they getting married? Remember we are on a boat in the middle of the lake here. Sputtering, he gets the clue and the night rolls on.

It really was a great night. We didn't get as clear a view of the decorated boats as we'd of liked, but could see them somewhat, and did have a WONDERFUL view of the fireworks - WOW- Chicago does FABULOUS fireworks. The unique combination of guests on my boat as well as my husband and I had a wonderful time, and ate and drank the boat dry. We dumped them all at the dock, amid thank yous galore, secured the boat, and caught the tender back to the dock ourselves.

Our kids and their dates, road home with us, which was fun for about half the trip, then we all conked out...well, not my husband he drove.

I can't wait to dissect the evening with my daughters....

fyi- 5 days until house guests.......

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  1. OH BOY!!!! OK, I have to re-read this a few times to understand who brought which girl and which guy flirted with which girl AND who is pregnant????? I got lost after that one.....YIKES!