Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So I've had a sore throat...not just a little sore but an EXTREMELY sore throat. I called my Dr. whom I like very much, however, with just one small problem.... you can NEVER (or at least I can never) get in to see him when I am sick. So, once again, he wasn't available- this time he's gone- he just got married..... I thought he was married.... maybe it's trophy wife time for him.

Anyway, I went to Urgent care. The Dr. said, wow, your throat is really red, swollen and sore looking - hello---- look at why I am here. So, she thinks.... are you ready???? That I am allergic to my new allergy medicine!!! So now what - I'm having anaphylactic shock and I can't take my allergy medicine?

She wants me to follow up with my Dr. - Who I shall refer to as Dr. Loverboy henceforth. I feel like I have a meat cleaver stuck in my throat and am starving hungry for popcorn or chips or something painful like that. So I am feeling really peckish at the moment and as long as I'm complaining - what is up with the weather here? Could we have some sun please?


  1. What a PAIN in the NECK!!!! LOL, sorry...had to say it! Hope you're feeling better enough to scrap tomorrow night with me!

  2. Most certainly- I don't feel bad- except that hatchet thing.... see you there!