Saturday, July 25, 2009

the saga continues....

Now I'd like to start by saying I HATE HOUSE GUESTS. With that said, stand by for my lament.....

My husband's father and his girlfriend are here visiting. Naturally, they are staying with all the kids, my turn is next week. Remember, I live in an OLD house, with one full bathroom and one 1/2 bath. It isn't a house for guests, but I'm relenting. I decided that I'd start in on the cleaning and get some of the rooms we don't use that much 'spruced up'; surely they'd stay that way for one week - right??? Not so much.

The electrician is moonlighting the job, working on weekends, HE'S BACCCCKKKKKK. My efforts of yesterday were for naught, there are plaster chunks, dust, word shards, etc. all over my clean floors, being tracked by him and my possibly soon to be ex husband everywhere. As well as ick.... in my BATHTUB. Can I catch a break here? No.

Back to the house guest thing. In addition to cleaning, which I don't really like that much either, so I may as well wait to do it until a couple hours before they arrive, I had to buy an aero bed for them. One daughter's room has become my studio, (no bed there), and the other daughter has the coolest antique bed, made for a tiny person (which she is) not for two geriatric lovebirds. Also, since I've given up cooking for the most part, I no longer have a traditional table in my kitchen... I have this funky desk with a funky chair not conductive to a dinner for 4, or 5.

So, I guess I'm going to put the aero bed in the dining room, and move the dining room table into the kitchen, and sit at it and pout.

Have I mentioned that I hate house guests, and right now my husband, just a little bit?????

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  1. LMAO!!!!!!!!!! I just love to read your blog!!! I can so hear your voice in your words!!!!!! That chair is too cool and YET very freaky lookin too!!!!