Saturday, July 11, 2009


As I've mentioned before, we live in an OLD house. As it's only been 20 years since we moved in.... we thought maybe it's time to have a little rewiring done. So we have hired an electrician and he's here trying to figure out what's what, and I'm sure he really wondering how we've lived here this long without burning up. Obviously he is up and down all 4 stories and is making noise. I have 3 doglets, two of which are rescue puppy mill breeders, (another horrific story in itself) and our grand dog, Molli, a sassy chihuahua who is staying with us for the weekend. One of the rescue dogs, Clementine, is a psychotic yorkie, and has a lot of issues. The biggest being she HATES men- not just a little growl hate, a full fledged bark, snarl, show my teensy little teeth hate. And Molli (my grand dog) is always up for some attitude, so the two of them are driving me absolutely crazy. And lord knows how the poor electrician is feeling. The other two are pretty mellow and they are even looking at me like 'do something' already!!

I will say, that I believe this torture that I am enduring is going to be well worth having electricity in my studio again and having outlets in all rooms and conveniently located AND having new lighting here and there!!!!! However, I am still contemplating dog-icide....

not really, I love the little buggers to death... although today maybe that expression isn't fitting... a little cheeky of me- eh?


  1. Ya got me chucklin again....sorry, but imagining that little poochie showing her teeth and growling!!!! LOL!

  2. love your furry friends, even if they have attitudes!