Sunday, July 5, 2009


Now, bear in mind, I was just a baby myself, when my kids were born.... okay, I'm a compulsive liar....

ANYWAY.... my baby turned 21 today. This is no small feat for this kid... he has packed an awful lot into these 21 years, and most of it took an extreme toll on my mental stability. Don't get me wrong here- great kid, FABULOUS heart - considerate kid.... just has an uncanny ability to get caught; or maybe I'm a bit too much like Nancy Drew, solving all the mysteries. (showing my age there) There is a feeling of relief in having all your kids be adults, and there is a sense of reality in it too- and maybe it's just that the whole event has made me melancholy... not sure which.

I did actually scrapbook the other night, starting on the great European Adventure.... here's my baby... out and about in Paris... one of my favorite towns.


  1. Happy Birthday to your son! Wow 21 already! Hmmmmm....let me see, what does that make you????????

  2. OMG LOOK!!! You have abother friend/follower!!!

  3. are getting popular!!!!! heeee! heeee!

  4. lovely layout! i love how you used the frame flourish to highlight your son in the one picture. i don't scrapbook much but that's a trick i want to file away!!