Thursday, July 9, 2009


It's Thursday, and even though it is late in the day, I believe, the sun is out. It's been so long, I've definitely developed a vitamin deficiency. I don't mean to complain, but a little earlier in the day might have been good, I'd have liked to have gone to the pool and work on my sun damage.

I've been working in my studio room all day unearthing a lot of stuff. Things I can't recall ever seeing before, things, I shall never see again, as I through them out. I did find a lot of interesting 'tools' that I desperately needed, so much so, that I haven't even opened them yet. Anyone else have this 'situation'??? What is it about the latest cool thing, that one must acquire?

I scrapped last night with a group of friends, didn't actually complete a page, but will take a picture to show when I do. I felt the need to talk a bit with the 'girls' - actually we had to diagnose my sore throat, which is getting better by the way, but my allergies, are far and away another story.

As for other creating, I am still knitting on the same two projects that I have been since spring - I did buy, yes I said buy, a canvas, as I feel the need to do a little painting. I've had something playing around in my head for some time and I must act on it. Hopefully said canvas won't become one of those unopened items that years from now I'll look at and toss in thee garbage...... I also just did some digital design stuff for Paper Popsicle's, so check it out. She just stopped by to retrieve them. I'm guessing they'll be on the site later tonight.


  1. Yah the sun came out!!! You HAVE to paint...I have got to see what you create! You are so darn talented...ummmmm, do you want to do my portrait???? I've got to draw the line on posing nude though!!!!!! EEK!!!

  2. I was hoping for you to pose... in your thong bikini.... hehehehe

  3. OH aren't you funny!!!! Here's 3 blogs I think you will like to follow.....