Thursday, July 23, 2009


I have a permanent place to scrapbook locally. It's actually an old scrapbook store, that closed, and a bunch of us kept it, all renting it, like a co-op as a place to work. Now the theory behind this is that we can leave all our stuff there, walk out on the mess, or, as I prefer to look at it the 'work in progress'. A year ago, after 27 years of whining, I finally got a studio at home with several work areas. One for paper art/scrapping. However, I really like the camaraderie of the 'Scrappy' (as we all call it). Also, I am still living in Victorian Hell, and don't have electricity in my studio, so I'm dragging more there than I normally would. So, I'm working on the great European Adventure, and have been amassing cool stuff for it(isn't that what this hobby is about- collecting stuff you COULD use- or NEED?)

ANYWAY, I now leave some stuff there, and have some stuff at home and cart a few things back and forth.... so last night was a night to tote stuff. I printed a bunch of pictures, and had a couple of bags of new stuff and my usual two cases to drag down there. I needed to go through my stuff and figure out what was what. So I made 2, yes 2, trips to the car, drove the 5 blocks, made two trips into the store and began..........talking. Then we needed to go over to the Mexican restaurant for carryout of the best Guacamole in America, and do some more talking..... suddenly it was 10:45- and time to go home, so I loaded it all in my car, unsorted, and brought it home. I left it all in my car, that way it's ready... for it's next outing I guess, that's all the action it's seeing lately.

Summing it up....

Dragging stuff to your car = a pain
Not touching your scrapbook stuff in over a week = a crime
Hanging out with good friends = priceless!


  1. YOU KNOW IT BABY!!!!!!!!! I LOVE talking with ya BUT yes, we do need to work on talking AND scrapping at the same time!!!!! LOL